Main references

Cities and territories are produced by a stratification process, where different transformation, either planned and spontaneous, follow one another at different scales. Every intervention is relevant but at the same time it is necessary to evaluate its consequences in a overall view. Dialogue and comparation between different solutions and social visions are fundamental to construct architectural, urban and territorial choices. In this process, environmental sustainability and equity principles have to be pursued in a deep concrete way

Knowledge and design

The knowledge of the contest is the base to discuss and argue the reasons of every proposal. The site's historical, environmental, and functional characteristics as long as the shared values of the local communities are starting points for each project. From this point of view every project could be seen as a collective knowledge improvement's process

Project's role and planning reasons

The main value of each project is in its capacity to answer to modification demands, both private or collective, and to contribute to the growth of awareness wich every community has towards sites.

Architecture and planning from this side are similar, notwithstanding their differences: they both can be considered the expression of a point of view on the existing situation based on a vision of a possible future

A9studio's profile

Starting from these references, professional pratctices and researc activities are linked together as reciprocal experimental and reflection chances. From their relationships main features of studio's profile are defined, as long as the main fields of action.

At the same time, the relationships between different scale, themes and disciplines is crucial to start up different studio's activities